Hi there, We are HypercraftSMP, a whitelisted Vanilla Minecraft server.

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Server Specs

Specs are very important to a good Minecraft Server. Due to donations, we are thankfully able to continue with these amazing specs!


The current cpu we are using is a AMD Ryzen 5 3600 with 1 core allocated


RAM is very important to keep the server running as smoothly as possible which is why we have 6GB of DDR4 Memory


It is without a doubt that with a 50k world border we need a lot of storage, our storage is 50GB of NVMe SSD Storage

How do I join?

We have made it super easy to join the server! All you got to do is these simple steps.

Join the discord

Join the discord with the button below.


Find the #bot-cmds chat

Once your in the discord look for the #bot-cmds chat and type -apply. Now you will see a new channel, and the bot will ask you some questions. After you answer them all give the mods some time and they will look it over!

Join the server!

Once accepted you must go to #info and read all the rules in there. You will also find the server IP adress, and you can join with that! Have fun!

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